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Don’t Let 2017 Sneak Up On You!

Greetings 2017 and all my readers! I hope the holiday season has left you with  a bit less stress and a bit more cheer!  I have been pretty lax in my blog postings so let’s dive into it now, shall we?  My Look Of The Day was really inspired by 2017.  After the crap year 2016 was, I thought I better be sneaky before any drama 2017 brings with it catches up to me LOL

So to start off, here I am wearing my LILLY “Leather Jacket Dress” along with my OBSCURE “Spiked Mask” and my PURE POISON “String Pumps” and topped it all off with my “Aria” Mohawk from MADesigns.  I think I am about ready to face the year, don’t you?

As always, all credits will be listed below and I hope to see you all out there!




.: fiore :. Angled Mesh Head
.::MADesigns HAIR::. ~ ARIA
Lilly – leather Jacket Dress
Pure Poison – Strings Pumps
[Obscure] Spiked Mask

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