[west end] / Shapes – Betsy (Lelutka Erin Evolution) **SPONSOR**
Maitreya / Mesh Body – Lara V5.0
LeLUTKA Head / Erin.1.0
YS&YS / Arizona T02 Brown Brows – BOM (Only Face Lelutka)

::HH:: / Hucci Forssa Sandal – toffee
ISON / sophia shirt dress – all colors
Vanity Hair / Way Up -Ombres
My Bags by Mila / My Beyonne – black **Aug Round of eBento/SPONSOR**

PALETO / Backdrop:. Rent Room (light)
GingerFish / Trouble Poses

West End, My Bags, Maitreya, Lelutka, YS&YS, Hucci, ISON, Vanity Hair, Paleto, Gingerfish

Mon Hommage à Miaa

This series is an homage and tribute to one blogger/model/stylist that I admire greatly and is, to me, an amazing trendsetter- Miaa Rebane. Her Blog is a source of inspiration to us all but for me, personally, it helps to push me further and to try things and styles I never thought of before.  The mixing and matching of pieces I never thought would go together, accessories that really make me stop and go “OMG that DOES work!” have inspired me and so many others and not to mention the photography- How do you do it? They are so clear and crisp and just amazing!   So, to her,  I say  thank you Miaa and never stop pushing us, daring us, inspiring us and just being in the Universe.




bauhaus movement- Milano Bag/NERO @C88
bauhaus movement- Milano Necklace/GOLD @C88
lowen- Thea Blouse @C88
r2- kachou boots @C88
codex– vicious rings
tableau vivant-Giselle add-on
swallow– Rox Ears
gingerfish– poses