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The “Pow” in Powder Pack!

Greetings dear readers and hello!  Its been a few days since the last blog but it’s Monday so time to start a new week!  Starting off, Powder Pack will be delivered soon so I am excited about that!  You can reserve between the 1st of the month and the 16th at midnight.  For those that dont know, Powder Pack is a monthly mystery pack consisting of 12 Catwa Head Makeup Appliers from your favorite brands across the grid!  Pre-order your Pack for $L1,500 before midnight on the 16th to receive your HUD on the 17th at 00:01 SLT. Once the Powder Pack is released, the price increases to $L3,000.

Also here are some of the designers that are in this month’s edition-  #ADORED, Amara Beauty, Bold & Beauty, Elysium, Essences, Just Magnetized, L’Etre, Modish, [okkbye], Pink Fuel, SlackGirl, Zibska so see what I mean? All around awesome!  For more info, please check out the FAQS-

Now then, onto this Look Of The Day featuring some of the appliers from January’s Powder Pack!  The skin and body appliers here are from Amara Beauty and its called “Julia Beauty Kit” and it is such a soft, warm skin too, it even has the lipstick in the HUD too!  Plus, the body applier just clicks and matches up to it perfectly, it is definitely one of my favorites!

Using “Chunky Lashes” from okkbye and Pink Fuel’s “Smokey Duo” completes the cosmetic side of things but is this not a great deal? Lashes, skin, body and eyeshadows are just part of the great items in Powder Pack so I cannot wait for February’s release!


Moving onto a soon-to-favorite outfit, Blueberry released the cutest combination called “Cutieberry” and here I am rocking the cardigan and dress combination!  There are so many variations, you just have to get there and grab a set up for yourself but it is so worth it!  Besom’s “Clueless” hair and Eudora 3D “Eos” necklace complete this look and I want to thank NevaCrystall for letting me shoot on the Neva River, it was very relaxing!  As always, all credits will be listed below and I hope to see you all out there!  Thank you for reading! xo


Blueberry– The Cutieberry- Cardigan & Dress
Besom~Clueless hair
CATWA HEAD- AnnaGrey V4.10
Eudora 3D– Eos Necklace
Ma Vie– Poses
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A Girl With Glasses

  Good afternoon, dear readers!  Today is a chilly one and I am out of coffee -GASP-  but I had to muddle through and post my Look Of The Day.  With the chill outside and my playful nature inside, I thought I would go with  this little ensemble that consists of Pixicat, Blueberry, D!va, REIGN, Mons and Meisu as well as a few others so scroll on and enjoy and as always, all credits will be listed below and I hope to see you all out there! Until then, stay warm! xo



Maitreya– Lara
D!va Hair- Erika (Red amber)
Pixicat– Cozy.Sweater – Shade
Blueberry– Cake Leggings
[Z O O M] Immy Set- Rings (Left hand)
Codex– Skull ring (Right Hand)
MONS– Septum Ringz
[meisu] Liberosis glasses
RK Pose– All poses

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Back to Back


Hello dear readers! Its been a little while since I have posted but , alas, the flu bug caught me in its grip and wouldnt let go!  However, I am back and with a vengeance so let’s dive in…

 Here I am going to show you TWO looks showing off the cutest shoes from GLAMISTRY!  Now the first one I call Cosmic Glamistry because the dress is called “Cosmic” from PIXICAT and  the swirling animation cant be contained in pictures so pop in there and check it out for yourself, it is so cool!    The hair is called “Clueless” from Besom, which I love because their hairs seem to fit my CATWA “Anniegrey” head perfectly and  to show off one of my favorite pairs of strappy heels, the “Camilla” heels from GLAMISTRY.


So there you have it, Cosmic Glamistry and as always, all credits will be listed below and I hope to see you all out there! Until then, xo


Pixicat– Dreamy.Dress – Cosmic
Besom– Clueless
Glamistry– CAMILLA Heels
Ma Vie -poses
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Oh Oh Uber!

Greetings readers!  Hope that your Holiday was safe, fun and joyous!  Mine was and stuffed with food and family but it is now time to dive back into blogging some amazing events, outfits and items!  Since it is such an early day for me, I thought I would show off this lovely outfit I picked up from UBER and this months theme is “Leather and Lace” and omg, get out there and go! Gorgeous items abound!



Right now, I am loving this “Danger Set” from Pseudo coupled with the “Vania” gloves from JD and, to bring it all home, the “Xenius” heels and “Sorrow” headdress from Azoury!  I got inspired, what can I say?  xo  As always, all credits will be listed below with relevant SLURLS and I hope to see you out there!


AZOURY –  Xenius Heels Dark
AZOURY – Sorrow Headwear
JD – Vania Long Gloves
Pseudo- Danger Set Bra Black
Pseudo- Danger Set Panty Black
Pseudo- Danger Set Skirt Black

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When A Sale Takes Hold

Hello readers!  Good to see you!  Have I mentioned that I appreciate you all reading my blog and following it as well?  It tells me that, maybe I might be doing something right so thank you again and again.   With that said, let me dive in now and show off some of the items I snatched up during COCO’s Winter Sale where  tagged items are 50% off!  The sale is going on until December 31st so you have time to get last-minute gifts or spoil yourself rotten as well.


Here, thanks to the above-mentioned sale, I am wearing the “Leather Biker Jacket” and the “Ripped Jeans” from COCO, I threw in the “Smexy Tie Necklace” from MANDALA, the “Draconia Ankle Boots” from Goth1co that are from the latest SuicideDollz event and the “Deadboy” hair in Ginger from Monster.  As always all credits will be listed below and I hope to see you out there soon!



CATWA HEAD AnnaGrey V4.10
Goth1c0: Draconia Ankle Boots-Plain Black
Goth1c0: Draconia Ankle Boots- Plain Black


L.O.T.D 12/16/2016

Greetings again, dear readers!  Today is a more a “Look of the Day” than a recent purchase but it is from one of my favorite designers, Pixicat so I am a very happy camper just the same.

It is one of my favorite looks- latex- and when paired with the Signe jeans, also from Pixicat, the look works for me!  As always, all credits will be listed below and I hope to see you all out there in SL land!  Happy Shopping! ❤



Pixicat– Linn.Top- Latex
Pixicat– Signe.Jeans – Black Faded
CATWA HEAD AnnaGrey V4.10


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Uber Cold Stylin’

Greetings readers!  I was debating on this next post because I saw someone had blogged this exact look as well!  Well I had no idea so here I am thinking I am all original. LOL  Well I hope that it is seen as more of a tribute or homage than anything malicious because nothing foul was intended.  I love the hair and the look so here we go!

Straight outta Uber, I have for you the “Star” hair by Besom and the “Flora” top and bottom from SPIRIT with the poses from RK who are not in this round.  Make sure to hit Uber or any of the designers listed below and have a great mid-week day!


CATWA HEAD AnnaGrey V4.10
SPIRIT – Flora shorts 
SPIRIT – Flora sweater
RKPoses– Pose

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Ode to the Little Things!

Greetings readers!  So good to see you again!  Well, I couldn’t stop myself and went back to We ❤ RP and I had to nab “one or two” little things I had forgotten.  I always say that but in truth, i was really impressed with this month’s selection and had to revel in it a bit.


I really want to show you  the outfit I got from there and its from Pixicat titled “Explorer” and I added in Shi’s “Binah” hair,  KC‘s Scarlett boots and set off to pose my little heart out!


As always, all credits will be listed below and I hope to see you out there on my many exploration/shopping ventures!

-Pixicat- Explorer.Bra – Black 
-Pixicat- Explorer.Corset – Black
-Pixicat- Explorer.Pants – Black
-Pixicat- Explorer.Top
.Shi : Binah . Bottom / Catwa
.Shi : Binah . Top / Catwa
CATWA HEAD AnnaGrey V4.10
Aluid– Poses



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The Essential Sparkle

Greetings readers!  Today’s post was shot on location at BASILIQUE whose link I found on SL Blogger Support.  So many links to many other locales too, it really is a Blogger’s Go-To for destinations, tips, tricks and opportunities! Make sure you stop in and check them out!

Here I am wearing the wonderful “Melody” dress from .SALT and what I love the most about this dress besides the ever-daring back dip is that the light really seems to catch every panel and I sparkle like diamonds!  Its amazing and I cant stop staring at it!  I hope you end up doing the same, it is really that cool! 



Topped that with the “Smexy” tie from MANDALA,  the “Aria” Mohawk from MADesigns and the “Clematis” shoes from EMPIRE and I am ready to go!  I hope you find time to visit these designers as well and put together your own Essential Sparkle too!

As always, all credits will be below and I look forward to seeing you all next time!

Maitreya Mesh Body
CATWA HEAD AnnaGrey V4.10
EMPIRE – Clematis
.::MADesigns HAIR:: ARIA- Black
RK Poses

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Pandas Got Me Shopping!

Greetings once again, dear readers!  Did I ever mention how much I love Pandas?  They are my absolute favorite animal and I always turn gooshy-goo around them!

Well I was gifted this lovely Panda hat and hair by SimpleCandy by my darling boyfriend and I invaded and descended onto ISON for their massive Black Friday sale and paired it up with the boots from Kustom 9!  Have a peek and enjoy! As usual, all credits will be below.



CATWA HEAD AnnaGrey V4.10
ISON – celen jeans -Maitreya-
ISON – cropped cable knit sweater -Maitreya- (black)
Kustom 9 – [VALE KOER] Bella Suede Boots
Panda Hat/Hair-
Simplecandy – Prim Bangs Add-On
Simplecandy – Rigged Mesh Panda Hat & Hair