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Today I am showcasing [RESILIENCE] and their “Ukiyo” tattoo. Color scheme is great, fits the body well and actually look like I just stepped out of the shop. Besides, I am a sucker for a great body/neck tattoo! This Leg and neck fade is perfect! [RESILIENCE] really brought it to Skin Fair!

So then I thought I would add a few other Skin Fair offerings to the mix! Lucky you! EUPHORIC has such pretty eyes and their “Malia Eye Collection” is no exception, between the glossiness and the amazing color combinations- I am in love! I will probably be spending all day playing with these!

Speaking of combinations, I had to go back to using [POUT!] Brow glitter in Silver and their Lustrous shadow in Black- how perfect are they working with the other products? Oh that lipstick? Yep, its all in the R3HAB “Luscious” lipstick HUD in the same dark crimson I used in a previous post. I cannot leave this shade alone! Ladies, if you know, you know! xo

The good news is that you dont have to leave anything behind because everything is still available at SKIN FAIR now so RUN in and snap these up! You got until the 27th so I hope to see you! xo


Lelutka| Avalon
No. Match| No Miracle hair
Ecru Couture| Janice
Ruchell-| Praga earrings (I chose to wear only one)
PALETO.| Backdrop: Einfahrt


Skin Fair, Resilience, Pout, Euphoric, R3HAB, Lelutka, no Match, Ecru Couture, Ruchell-

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Is it possible for a skin to fit you so well that your jaw goes though the floor? If so, then NAVZAR really did it with their addition to SKIN FAIR– ANEMONA! A click right out of the box and you are good to go! This is the RoseKiss tone on a Raven head and the fit is really soft and so pretty! There are so many tones to choose from and I know you will find your perfect fit- All thanks to NAVZAR!

Also, I am including some addons and enhancements to show how well they work with this skin. I added duckie‘s tattoo “stars” in faded and I love the sweet touch these have. Not too soft but not too harsh. Remember, All of duckie’s mesh and bom system layers are modify unless stated on the ad otherwise, so feel free to tint and modify to your hearts content. But lets not forget ANDORE and their offering to SKIN FAIR– Shary! Its my first time wearing elf ears so I think I am in love!

Then we have R3HAB and their amazing lipsticks and eyeshadows. Here, I am wearing this gorgeous deep crimson red from their “Luscious” HUD and this smoky cloudy shadow from the “Guardian” HUD. NAVZAR, R3HAB, ANDORE and duckie all combine to make this one stunning image!

I mean, look how smooth they all fit together? The possibilities are endless and guess what?- Wanna know something? What do these products have in common? They are all available at SKIN FAIR! Goodness, SKIN FAIR, ears and a beautiful, all-in-one look, you cant go wrong! Come grab these treasures up now at SKIN FAIR, it is open now! I hope to see you soon!


Lelutka| Raven
Thalia Heckroth| Dalia top and pant- BLACK
PALETO| Backdrop:. Halloween Night

*Navzar| Anemona RoseKiss Tone @ SKIN FAIR-MARCH 10th
*Andore| Shary elf ears @ SKIN FAIR-MARCH 10th
*R3HAB| Luscious and Guardian HUDS @ SKIN FAIR-MARCH 10th
*duckie| stars tattoo @ SKIN FAIR-MARCH 10th

SKIN FAIR, Lelutka, NAVZAR, Anemona, Andore, R3HAB, duckie, Thalia Heckroth, Paleto

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Who doesnt want a defined cheekbone? An elegant nose contour? I DO and I know you do too. So, Nar Mattaru brought their “Maud Skin (Glow)” to SKIN FAIR and I was in love! This is on my Raven Shape and I hardly had to do anything to this skin. I added NM’s “Cheek Contour” and “Lip Gloss” and thats it! It is my first time trying this brand so I was very excited to snap this up. So excited that I snapped a second pic showing off a few extras that NM had in their skin pack so please enjoy the Blush and Winged Liner and the final look is really striking. I hope that you enjoy it as well as the other skins available from Nar Mattaru at Skin Fair! Hope to see you!


Lelutka| Raven 3.1
Asteria| Lua Blazer-Black
Doe| Autumn-Flux hat and hair
Paleto Backdrop| Zone 658

*IMG1- Nar Mattaru- Maud skin w/ Cheek Contour and Lip Gloss/SKIN FAIR 2023

*IMG2- Nar Mattaru- Maud Skin w/ Blush and Winged Liner/SKIN FAIR 2023


SKIN FAIR, Lelutka, Asteria, Doe, Nar Mattaru, Maud skin

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I love a smokey eye, a strong lip and some eye-catchign details and it seems that Moth Mommy from LadyBird read my mind by releasing the “Dusk” liners and Lipsticks and even these cute undereye details. They helped take my winged liner to a whole new level! The lipsticks are amazingly rich in color and what I did here was layered them over a base lip and omg the power of layering! I cannot wait to see what you all do with your own “Dusk” palettes! Stop into Skin Fair and treat yourself to some “Dusk” today! Hope to see you there!


Lelutka| Avalon
Silvery K| Sparkle Coat & Slip
Paleto| FonFon backdrop

*LadyBird| Dusk Liner 6 @Skin Fair -March 10th
*LadyBird| Dusk Lipgloss 13 @Skin Fair -March 10th
*LadyBird| Dusk Liner- Undereye @Skin Fair -March 10th

SKIN FAIR, Lelutka, Silvery K, Paleto, Lady Bird

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GUAPA offers us their “Jessica” skin and I am so glad they did. The edginess meets the softness in this skin. The freckles, the soft shading and the varying tones and highlights all equal up to me being in love with this skin. Remember that to complete your look you need to buy a body skin that matches the shade you bought for your head skin. You want the complete look right? Grab “Jessica” today and try her on, you will love it too!


Lelutka| Avalon
Ersch| Prudence Top&Skirt
YUMMY| Hoop Set

*GUAPA| Jessica skin @SKIN FAIR2023- March 10th


SKIN FAIR, Lelutka, Ersch, Yummy, Paleto

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SKIN FAIR 2023- Wren’s Nest

Sexy? Check. Alluring? Definitely. I am talkign about Wren’s Nest Shapes and the one I am bragging about on sale now at SKIN FAIR! This little number is called “Sidha” and when it comes to shapes, anyone will tell oyu that I take them through their paces- skins, eyes, hairs and Sidha really checked all the boxes for me but hey, remember, you are only limited by your imagination! Try on any skin you have and see if it fits well. This is only my renditioon but I cannot wait to see what you have in store for yourself! On sale now at Skin Fair 2023 and hope to see you there!


Lelutka| Raven
Alexandrite| Hyuna skin
Sintiklia| Ruth hair
HER| Izzie Bikini

*WREN’s NEST| Sidha SM. Proportional shape @Skin Fair 2023


SKIN FAIR, WREN’s Nest, Lelutka, Alexandrite, Sintiklia, HER

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One thing I love the most on any shape or skin is definition and look at the cheekbones on Alaskametro’s Exclusive release for SKIN FAIR– “Elle”, simply gorgeous and smooth! The Defined cheekbones, a straight nose, naturally groomed brows, and faint freckling. Designed for LeLutka EvoX, especially “Raven” head. This skin comes with full body shading and tattoo layers with a neck blend. Tones 1 through 5 available and in the images, I am wearing Shade 3 and loving it!

Not to be outdone by skin, Alaskametro drops the “VIBE” makeup set! Mix and match vibrant, colorful eyeshadow and lipstick in a variety of textures. Make a statement! Comes in 3 fits for Omega-ready heads, or unpack BOM layers, including FitX for EvoX (and similar mapping) and 60% opacity versions.

I am wearing the FitX versions of the makeup and they work great on my Lelutka Raven head! Try them for yourself, the colors are rich, the texture play is amazing and the combos are endless!


Image #1
Lelutka| Raven 3.1
*Alaskametro| Elle in Shade #3 @SKIN FAIR MARCH 10th!

Image #2
*Alaskametro| Vibe eyeshadow- 06- FitX @SKIN FAIR MARCH 10th!
*Alaskametro| Vibe lipstick- 06- FitX @SKIN FAIR MARCH 10th!

Image #3
*Alaskametro| Vibe eyeshadow- 03- FitX @SKIN FAIR MARCH 10th!
*Alaskametro| Vibe lipstick- 05- FitX @SKIN FAIR MARCH 10th!

SKIN FAIR, Lelutka, Alaskametro, Elle, Vibe

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Look at these colors! XTC really brought it with their “Doja Shadows” in 12 rich colours in 3 opacities! Also, they come in 2 versions- with and without the delicate cross on the undereye! These are waiting for you all at SKIN FAIR! You may have noticed the soft pink lip I am wearing and that is also a release from XTC -“Doll Lips”- Comes in 9 colours in a HUD applier and it is so sweet and soft until…

Yep, XTC has brought the saucy side in “Villainous” upper body tattoo- Comes in 2 versions- with and without red and 3 opacities so you can turn up the spicy or tone it down but either way, it is a showstopper! Stop into Skin Fair and slip any of these picks on for a tryout!


Lelutka| Avalon
the Skinnery| Taylor- honey

*XTC| Doja Shadow/ No Cross @Skin Fair March 10th!
*XTC| Doll Lips @Skin Fair March 10th!
*XTC| Villainous Tattoo/ With Red-Medium @Skin Fair March 10th!

SKIN FAIR, -XTC-, Lelutka, the Skinnery

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The thing that always gets me is texture. When something give off that touchable smoothness and I have to say that this release from CORE does thats. I used the famous trio of Black, red and the skin tone in Shade #2 to show that this skin can pop against almost anything! Not only that but the skins come in the most adorable names for each set- Petal Skins in Cornflower, Lilac, Rose and even Eucalyptus! Get to Skin Fair now and see for yourself and did I mention that there is a shaved hairbase as well? This skin series is great for RP, Fantasy or for just standing out in a crowd!


Lelutka| Avalon
*CORE| Mono Skins Pack 1@ Skin Fair March 10th!
*CORE| Mono Skins Hairbase- White- Comes in 7 shades-@ Skin Fair March 10th!

Skoll| Neva basic eyeliner
Lucci| Trophy Wife Lipstick

SKIN FAIR, CORE, Lelutka, Skoll, Lucci