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Lelutka| Avalon
-LeLutka| SALOME hair- SoySauce/Older release
the Skinnery| Eve- honey BB
Fetch| Evelyn Earrings
Tutti Belli| Kissable Pack 2 lipstick
Tutti Belli| Red Devil 10- eyeshadow
minou minou| Belle shape for Lelu Avalon

Belle Epoque| Ellen – Black
Blueberry| Pia – Fishnet
-Bdrop| BackDrop No Vacancy Day

Lelutka, the Skinnery, Fetch, Tutti Belli, minou minou, Belle Epoque, Blueberry

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I don’t normally write about much when it comes to a blogging. I tried to once and a designer told me “Just show the design/No one wants to read an article” and that really bothered me. I know that writing is not for everyone but if I truly enjoy and love what I am wearing, why wouldn’t I brag about it? I want everyone to know who I am wearing, why I love it and what else is coming down the line because I never want you to miss anything! So with that said, this blog is dedicated to trying new things and sharing what I love, I just hope I do everything justice! xo


Lelutka| Avalon
the Skinnery| Eve (LeLutkaEVOX) honey BB
Dernier| “Face” Cheeks #1 (60% opacity)
DOUX| Winter Hairstyle

Kibitz| Sandrian rings – gold
MY BAGS| Mila Blauvelt My Vigo Black
Pox| Kylie Leggings in Black
Tres Blah| Tie Back Sweater – Black

minou minou| Belle shape for Lelu Avalon
Paleto| Old Rail backdrop

Lelutka, the Skinnery, Dernier, DOUX, Kibitz, My Bags, Pox, Tres Blah, minou minou, Paleto

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Lelutka| Avalon
the Skinnery| Eve
Guapa| Veridiana Beauty Marks/Moles
Dernier| “Face” Cheeks #1 (60% opacity)

Yummy| Hoop Set – Medium Round
COCO| OversizedSweater (Black)
ISON| daina leather pants – black
S-CLUB| EMILY hairstyle – 200722 DELUXE
Paparazzi| BACKDROP – Winter Home

Lelutka, the Skinnery, Guapa, Dernier, Yummy, COCO, Ison, S-Club, Paparazzi

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Lelutka| Avalon 3.1
the Skinnery| Eve- honey BB
Dernier| “Face” Cheeks #1 (60% opacity)
Maitreya| Lara V5.3
Swallow| Earrings Gauged S01
Swallow| Gauged S Ears

Mug| Noelle Leggings – Black
Mug| Noelle Sweater – Black
S-CLUB| RINA hairstyle – 030622
minou minou| Belle shape for Lelu Avalon
TROPIX| European Alleyway- BackDrop 01

Lelutka, the Skinnery, Dernier, Maitreya, Swallow, Mug, S-Club, minou minou, TROPIX

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Lelutka| Raven head
-[Glam Affair] Raven [Lelutka EvoX] Rose Kiss @UBER
-[Glam Affair] Raven Lips Gloss 1 @UBER
DOUX| Kelsy Hairstyle

Yummy| Hoop Set – Tiny Round
NATIVE URBAN| Berjcha Sneakers
OSMIA| Shelby.Sweatpants- Cappuccino
OSMIA| Shelby.Sweatshirt- Cappuccino
nuni| AVALON Shape – Maitreya Lara
PALETO| Backdrop:.Memphis
Amitie| Autumn Bench (with leaves)


Lelutka, Glam Affair, Doux, Yummy, Native Urban, Osmia, nuni, Paleto, Amitie

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Lelutka| Avalon 3.1
nuni. AVALON Shape – Maitreya Lara / SLIM
DeeTaleZ| Eyeshadow GLOSS for / gold
DeeTaleZ| Fanny for / BROWS: brown/ Mixed
DOUX| Nova Hairstyle
IDTTY| Wild Child Collection

-.miss chelsea. Juna Jeans- Black
-.miss chelsea. Nana Sweater- Xmas
-(Yummy) Hoop Set – Flat Medium
Pox| Claire.Bag in Black
-.PALETO.| Backdrop:. Boarding House

Lelutka, nuni, DeeTalez, DOUX, miss chelsea, Yummy, Pox, PALETO

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-[the Skinnery] Taylor (LeLutkaEVOX) honey BBH
Lelutka Avalon 3.1
Maitreya – Lara V5.3

C88/ Holiday Sale
ISON – maritza lounge set
ISON – yoselin lounge pants
TRUTH / Merry / Size 1
Nonnative First Kiss Lipgloss

Lyrium. Mug & Cookie – Cookie
Lyrium. Mug & Cookie – Mug
TROPIX Nostalgic Christmas BackDrop 02

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