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One of the things that i look for in cosmetics both in RL and SL is color. Color that looks the way it does in the adbertisement and, luckily for us all, along comes SKIN FAIR and AUGENWEIDE! The eyeshadows in this pack are BoM, and fit Lel EVO X and Akeruka ADVX heads only. They are tintable so you can also play in your makeup and who doesnt want that? Not only that but also you can pick up a couple of cute as hell hairbases, brows AND lipsticks that are out of this world! And with a wink and a smile, you can nab adorable lashes too! A whole face of looks await you now at SKIN FAIR, stop in soon!

Lelutka| Raven
Swallow| Gauge S03
Pure Poison| Lora Nail

*. AW .| Augenblick 02 – eyeshadow@ Skin Fair 2023
*. AW .| Pixie Dust, she said HB – black@ Skin Fair 2023
*. AW .| Lippenbekenntnis 10 – HD lipstick@ Skin Fair 2023

SKIN FAIR, AUGENWEIDE, Lelutka, Swallow, Pure Poison

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