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The glitter is real and so is the shine! POUT! brought it with the sparkle featuring their two exclusives for SKIN FAIR– Their Lustrous Shadows and Brow Glitter! Here I am wearing the Lustrous Shadow in Blue and the Brow Glitter in Gold and look how deep and rich the colors are! They are really impressive and I hope you enjoy them as much as I am right now! The Lustrous Shadows comes in 6 colors and all in BOM layers and the Brow Glitter is BOM layers as well with 7 colors to choose from and remember, it is only Glitter- No eyebrows here


Lelutka| Raven
Shi.| Da’at hair
Shi.| LFlesh worn on chest
SU!| -SU!- Cyanide Earrings

*POUT!| Lustrous Shadow- Blue @SKIN FAIR 2023 on March 10th!
*POUT!| Brow Glitter- Gold @SKIN FAIR 2023 on March 10th!

SKIN FAIR, Lelutka, Shi., Su!, POUT!

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