HAIR FAIR 2022!!

Hello and cheers, loves! Here it is! One of the most-anticipated events in Second Life is on it’s way! Yep, I am talking Hair Fair and as you can see from the list of creators up there, it is going to be a smash hit!

That is so important because with your help, along with the help of our fabulous creators who are donating part of their earnings to Wigs for Kids, we can probably break the record of last year by a huge margin! I hope to see you there and, remember, you are helping out a great cause while making yourself look even more amazing! In the meantime, I strongly, STRONGLY encourage you all to join the Hair Fair Demo group. Demos will be sent through that group on the 24th of June the day before the event opens and this will give you a chance to get your shopping list ready! Remember, Sasy believes in you and so do I!

For more information, please click the link and head over to
https://hairfair.wordpress.com/ and that should get you all the info you may need!

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