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When Errands Turn Cold

Hello readers! I hope you are all doing well.   As for me, well where do I start?   Today I was all set for a cold but not unbearable day. Tugging on my boots, I thought that would be enough. Well, I did some errands and on my way home, while clad in my yoga pants, hoodie and boots, it began to snow like rain!   I mean it, hard flakes being thrown down upon the Earth, it was both fascinating and painful at the same

I quickly got into my car and headed home where I write to you now from the confines of 3 sleeping dogs, hot cocoa and my lap blanket. I think that is what inspired this blog post as well because this is roughly what I must have looked like. How do you handle sudden weather shifts? I yell, run for cover and blankets lol Anyway, thank you for reading this far along and please enjoy the images and all credits will be listed below.




COCO– HoodieDress w/ hat and hairfaMESHED 11/2017
COCO– SnowBoots+Socks – faMESHED 11/2017
SpartinParxPoses – Psychomanteum- Image 1
SpartinParxPoses – Etoile 5- SPP Ultra Gift 2017

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