All Hail The Queen!

Hey readers! I am not sure if you know about the Blogger and Vlogger Network Secret Santa Blog Swap but it is sure to be one of my favorite yearly events and I hope that it keeps going! I was lucky enough to get a legend in SL- QueenBrat Bracken!

Her blog “Brat’s Corner” really spoke to me and told me a bit about this stylish lady. Not only is she a hard-working fashion plate with amazing style, a great eye for detail but she is also an MVW 2018 Miss Ireland too!  The following images were taken by the talented photographer, Pam Astonia so please check out her flickr here!


Talk about dedicated and thoughtful, this lady has a huge heart as well as a strong sense of community with her being involved with the fight against Diabetes through a few events in SL, namely teamdiabetessl.

I strongly urge you all to visit her blog, follow it and get to know this lovely person, you will be better for it! Gorgeous, thoughtful, kind and a fighter at heart, get to know QueenBrat Bracken today and if you need shopping ideas, hit up her Flickr as well because I am already planning a few outfits thanks to her!


QB– I personally have to thank you for your kindness when I reached out to you. You dont know me and, yet, you helped guide my blog post with a few simple replies and that meant alot. I hope we speak again and often. You are an inspiration! xo

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