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Poison In The Dark

Merry Christmas/Yule/Happy Holidays, readers!  I am sorry I have been away but the holidays always have me on the run!  Don’t worry though, I did take enough time to stop and take advantage of some great sales I found!  From Pure Poison’s amazing 70% off sale (going on now until January 1st) to Bauhaus Movement (50% off the entire store from now until January 4th), I managed to throw together this ensemble.



Here is my “Fancy Corset” from Birdy with my Pure Poison “Mohawk Head Armor” and “Medusa Mask” and my ” Aggressions level 4.0″ neckpiece along with Bauhaus Movement Poses (I will check and add the names here when I find them again) So everyone, have a great holiday and be safe out there!  Credits will be listed below and I will see you soon! xo


Birdy. Cabaret – Fancy Corset
Birdy. Cabaret – Fancy Corset  Cover 
BM – Aggressionslevel 4.0 SILVER Neck 1
Pure Poison – Medusa Mask
Pure Poison – Mohawk Head Armor – Black

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