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When You Are Cold But Cute!

Greetings readers!  Today has been such a hustle and bustle day for me in RL with Christmas shopping but I did manage to hit a sale or two today (Pixicat 50% off sale) and (Garbaggio 50-75% sale) I am here to show you a quick peek at what I got!



First off, I went to The Looking Glass which has some awesome photogenic opportunities and I had to flip a coin to settle on just one place to shoot!  This is why I love this sim!  I slipped on the “Cozy Sweater” from Pixicat, the “Boudoir Pumps” from Garbaggio and threw on my “Ten” hair from Tableau Vivant.  Its pretty much how I dressed in RL today except I threw on jeans and boots ❤ 
As always, credits will be listed below and I hope to see you all out there and please feel free to say hello! 

Pixicat– Cozy.Sweater- Shade
Garbaggio– Boudoir Pumps- Black
Tableau Vivant– Ten hair- Redheads



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